Native New Yorker, Teresa Ting is a multi-faceted actress born and raised in Queens where she grew up bilingual, speaking fluent Mandarin Chinese. She graduated from NYU with a BA in psychology, and then dove straight into acting (what else do you do with a psychology degree?). Her eclectic background and training prove her as a unique kind of her own. 

She was submerged into the world of martial arts at 6 years of age by her father whose idol is the legendary Bruce Lee. She first started her training in Taekwondo for eight years, attaining her 3rd degree black belt. At an early age she became a lover of Kung-fu and action flicks. Inspired by Jet Li and Jackie Chan, she dreamed of being an action heroine who can kick some real ass. She started venturing into another style of martial arts, traditional Chinese Shaolin Kung-fu, where she built her foundation in weaponry and acrobatics (to up her killing potential). She then explored the more aesthetic and competitive field of Kung-fu called Contemporary Wushu, which she continues to study to this day, and has entered several National Wushu Team Trial competitions.

Aside from being an actress and full time ninja, Teresa is also a figure skating coach. She started skating competitively from the age of 7 until junior year of high school. As a coach, she enjoys working with children and hopes to inspire the young generation through her passion and teaching. If she doesn’t sound busy enough already, she is also a dancer and choreographer specializing in Hip-hop, Jazz, Contemporary, and Latin Ballroom.

Through her hard work and training, Teresa has found her passion for performing and her soul in the entertainment universe. She hopes to bring her cultural influences and diverse training to the camera, making a name for women and revolutionizing the film world.

Now, where do you think you're going?